A Compendium of Tests, Scales and Questionnaires:
The Practitioner's Guide to Measuring Outcomes after Acquired Brain Impairment

A Compendium of Tests, Scales and Questionnaires front cover

About the Book

Publication Date: March 2010

ISBN: 978-1-84169-561-7

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This Compendium is a comprehensive reference manual containing an extensive selection of instruments developed to measure a range of neurological conditions, both progressive and non-progressive. It includes established instruments as well as newly developed scales and covers all aspects of the functional consequences of acquired brain impairment.

This text provides a unique review of specialist instruments for the assessment of people with neurological conditions, such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, stroke and traumatic brain injury. Part A presents scales examining body functions, including consciousness and orientation, general cognitive functions, specific cognitive functions (e.g. language, memory), regulation of behaviour, drive, and emotion and motor-sensory functions. Part B reviews scales of daily living activities and community participation. Part C focuses on contextual factors, including environmental issues and social supports and the final part contains multidimensional scales.

Each instrument is described as a stand-alone report using a uniform format. A brief history of the instrument's development is provided, along with a description of item content and administration/scoring procedures. Psychometric properties are reviewed and a critical commentary is provided. Up to a dozen key references are cited and in most cases the actual scale is included, giving the reader easy access to the instrument. The structure of the book directly maps onto the taxonomy of the recently introduced and influential International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (2001), enabling linkage of clinical concepts across health conditions.

This Compendium provides a repository of approximately 150 instruments which are described in detail and critically reviewed. It will be a valuable reference for clinicians, researchers, educators, graduate students and a practical resource for those involved in the assessment of people with brain impairment.

The book is accompanied by a password protected website. For a one-off payment, you can gain online access to the majority of the tests, scales and questionnaires featured in the book as downloadable PDFs. Purchasers of the book are entitled to a discount. See inside the book for more details.

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